Cabling & Tech Solutions

Cabling & Tech Solutions

Why Alltek Solutions?

You are in luck! Technology is constantly changing. Keeping up with it is a full-time job. For years, Alltek Solutions has been the “Go-To” installation company for End-Users, General Contractors, and Large Integrators across the U.S.

We are uniquely qualified to handle projects of all size and scope, across a variety of platforms.

Gainesville Corporate Technology Services

Located in Gainesville, Georgia, Alltek employs an in-house team of over 40 Engineers, Project Managers, and Technicians with a combined 200+ years of experience. As leaders in office and corporate technology, we are positioned to be your all-in-one installer for Structured Cabling, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Audio / Video, Overhead Paging, Sound Masking, and I.P. Telephony.

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