In this age of Mobility and our Demand for Instant access, Telephone Systems are still a critical part of the backbone of our businesses. Voice over I.P. (VoIP) has changed the way we utilize our office phones.

Unified Communications make it possible to do anything you want to do with a phone call. Unified Communications make it possible to receive Voice Mail in your E-Mail, “Find me / Follow Me” allows customers or key contacts to reach you on whatever device you prefer, wherever you are at!

voip phones

If you are seeking to expand or upgrade your existing phone system, or dive into the 21st century, Alltek Solutions is here to help.

For over 20 years, we have installed over 1,000 phone systems from a simple 5 user system to our largest deployment with over 2500 users, we can assist no matter how simple or complex the solution is.

BAD or POOR Cell Phone Reception in your office?

cell signal barsPoor Cellular reception is a problem in many office buildings. And IT IS FRUSTRATING!!

DAS Installation

Along with our cutting-edge IP telephony systems, we can install a system to enhance your mobile phone use as well. DAS, or Distributed Antenna Systems, are designed to provide consistent cell amplification in any space where reliable reception is a problem.

Alltek Solutions can help design a cost-effective solution that, once installed, will provide:

  • Increased Signal Bars
  • Wider Coverage
  • Extend Battery Life
  • Eliminate Dead Zones
  • Crystal Clear Voice
  • Quicker Text Messaging
  • Faster Uploads & Downloads
  • Reliable Connections
  • Improved Reception

When you are ready to install a new IP telephone system or enhance the mobile signal of your cell phones, Alltek can help! Call now for a FREE Consultation!


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