“Safety starts with awareness and awareness starts with you”. Let Alltek solutions help you become aware of the latest and most effective technology to provide a secure facility. See how our video surveillance, access control, and detection notification options keep you aware of your surroundings and provide superior security for your property and staff.

Physical Security in Gainesville & Atlanta

Physical security is most commonly defined by three areas of security.

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection / Alarm

Access Control

fingerprint scanner door entry

Alltek’s access control systems will help secure your property and will make sure unwanted guests don’t gain access to your facility. We can customize solutions from a single location with a few users to Enterprise Solutions with multiple facilities and thousands of users. No job is too big for Alltek Solutions!

Keep Your Facility Secure

We have helped secure facilities in all segments of our economy including Law Enforcement government, education, and many private sector clients. We can customize your access control system to be controlled and monitored over the web so at any point you can have real-time access. We can remotely add or delete access to your facility as the needs change.

Whether you want basic Cards, Badges or FOB’s or even use more advanced technology like biometric access control that utilizes fingerprints, retinal eye, or hand geometry readers, Alltek Solutions can design a solution that will keep your most valuable assets safe from unwanted visitors.

If you are planning a new construction project or wanting to upgrade your current system, please contact us and let Alltek prove why we are one of the most unique and well-positioned providers of Atlanta access control.

Video Surveillance

surveillance camera

Alltek Solutions offers Scalable, Economical, High-Definition, Megapixel Video Surveillance systems for all applications. Our systems are easily managed and remotely accessible from any device. We have always stayed ahead of the curve from a technology standpoint and are proud to be one of the earliest adopters of I.P. based Video Surveillance Systems.

We have installed systems for Secured Schools, Detention Facilities, Firearms Manufacturers, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Distribution Facilities, Healthcare, and other projects of all size and scope. Whatever your need, we have the technology to make sure your space is always visible.

Let Alltek help you protect against theft, lawsuits, and bogus workers comp claims.

Don’t just record video, Record it in HIGH DEFINITION!!

Our services include:

  • Management software
  • IP cameras
  • High definition day and night surveillance
  • Command and control station for monitoring
  • Secure remote access
  • Installation and configuration


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