Sometimes it’s better to just let the experts handle it. Most small businesses must be experts in many different areas. Accounting, sales, marketing, human resources, I.T. and technology. But why struggle to be a I.T. and technology expert when Alltek solutions can be the cost-effective partner for you. Let us sure up your system and create the efficiencies and expertise that you need to compete with large corporations out there today.

workers holding hardhatsAlltek Solutions is a competent and complete low voltage contractor, I.T., A/V, and security company that provides monitoring, installation and service of each system we install.

Knowledge & Experience You Can Depend On

With over 200 years of combined experience in the security and technology industries, we can provide you with the best quality, sales, and service. We specialize in structured cable installation, along with all the technology that relates to that low voltage system. We have a monthly monitoring service and alarm installation of low voltage equipment used to secure commercial applications. We provide industrial/commercial fire alarms, business security alarms, intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, fiber optic, phone and data cabling. All of this at very competitive prices!

Don’t waste time and let Alltek be the network design and periodic consultation partner that is critical to your business’s success. Too often small business owners forget about this crucial area of business and their networks lack the structure they need to ensure that the staff is working at peak efficiency and productivity. Your network is your internal cardiovascular system and its pathways clear and match the way you work. Let Alltek help you employ the right software and network to support the way your staff works and help you grow your business as much as possible. Alltek will analyze and review your company’s network and determine its needs so we can guarantee your network performance and security.


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